New York Favorites

Thank goodness I got out of New York when I did.

16 Handles just moved in next door.

Self-serve frozen yogurt in 16 flavors with every topping you could imagine…chocolate covered pretzels, fruit, and fruity pebbles, oh my :)

I headed here before catching an 8 pm train home (to Philly – still sounds wierd to say that) and indulged in the gloriousness that is fro yo. It’s an addiction. I’ve admitted it to myself and am seeking help.

Well, not yet ;)

After a little taste testing on my part, I created the below masterpiece:

Graham Cracker, Vanilla, and Strawberry frozen yogurt – topped with carob chips, fruit, and graham cracker crumbs.

The only thing bad about ice cream this good, is that half of it melts before I can get to it.

Do you have any food addictions you just can’t get enough of?!

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Photo admirer and occassional taker. Healthy baker. Fresh food fanatic. Active and adventurous yet avid couch potato. Continuously intrigued by puzzles and uncovering local treasures. Oh and lover of surprises.
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7 Responses to New York Favorites

  1. Corrie Anne says:

    16 handles! That’s such a cute name. My favorite fro-yo place here is Yogurtini. I’m also addicted to toast right now. Random, right? But I’m always like.. mmmm… toast! Ridiculous!

  2. So happy for you! I have one right around the corner from me, too….dangerous, especially in the summertime :)

  3. I love frozen yogurt but I think my biggest food addiction is pizza. I just love the stuff and when given the opportunity I am ordering it!

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