The Colors Dude!

This past weekend my girlfriends from College and I met up in Brooklyn for…

The Color Run!

As you can see, we got a little sloppy ;)

But we didn’t start out that way. Every one gathers in white clothes at the starting point and then runs 3.2 miles through different points where volunteers throw different colors of paint on you.

After the run, there is a giant dance party…and lots more paint throwing.

I have mad crazy dance moves. It’s insane.

My girlfriend Gill is owner / creator of Rate Your Burn, and wrote up a review of the race here. I’d have to agree with her on a few things:

1. Definitely not a real (athletic) race – there aren’t even timers. Definitely an event for friends.

2. They lied. This was Color Run NYC but it was held in Brooklyn. Far far faaaar in Brooklyn. The subway said 2 hours to get there (we actually ended up cabbing it for $12 each @ 30 minutes total. 100% recommend this option).

3. Suffocation possibility at the end = 87% possibility. Wear a bandana when they throw buckets of paint dust into the crowd. I saw monumental moments flash before my eyes in colors of pink and yellow ;)

Overall – an awesome time. If you find one in your city, I definitely recommend!!

And we got a cool jump photo out of it. Mission Accomplished :)

Do you have any races coming up or that you recommend that aren’t your typical race?

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3 Responses to The Colors Dude!

  1. This looks like so much fun! I have been seeing a lot of these color runs pop up and am intrigued. Right now I don’t have any races on my calendar. I should probably find something!

  2. Kailey says:

    I am DYING to run the color run!! Looks like you had a blast!

  3. I did the NYC Color Run too. It was a blast and I got a sweet jump pic too. Haha Which day did you do it?

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