AM Routines

When I think about things that are important to my sanity and well being, AM routines come to mind. There is nothing that keeps me healthier, calmer, and happier than getting a few things before noon:

1. AM Workout

2. Greens!!

3. Coffee

4. Water water

Don’t be mistaken, this doesn’t always happen. But because #imnotperfect, that’s how I know how much better I feel when I can check off each of these four categories.

My work schedule has been a little more leniant this week, which has been both amazing (and frustrating). Amazing, because my AM routines are back in action and I’m sticking to them. This morning I got 8 hours of sleep, rocked out an Insanity! workout in the comfort of my own living room, and sipped a little of this around 10 am.

(spinach, cucumber, 1/2 banana, pineapple, and ice)

Followed by 2 hard boiled eggs a little later, and this made the perfect start to the morning.

Is there any sort of routine that you follow that makes your mood?? #sanitycheck


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Photo admirer and occassional taker. Healthy baker. Fresh food fanatic. Active and adventurous yet avid couch potato. Continuously intrigued by puzzles and uncovering local treasures. Oh and lover of surprises.
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2 Responses to AM Routines

  1. d says:

    Do you ever use protein powder or coconut milk or almond milk or flax milk? (and any protein powder recommendations? vegan or not vegan)..thank you.

    • Jenny says:

      I use almond milk a ton in my smoothies! Protein powder not as often, but I do have Sun Warrior protein powder which is raw and vegan that I use in pancakes alot.

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