I’ve found a new obsession.

Did you know I have an addictive personality? Yes. It’s true. I get addicted to particular things, television shows, vacuuming, green smoothies, running, fro yo on sundays…and then I get over them rather quickly. And then I start again. It’s an addiction..

But I’ve found my new front runner. Hot Yoga. Power Yoga. @ Thrive Yoga in Philadelphia. It’s sweaty. It was affordable. It’s relaxing. It’s sweaty.

I love it.

So much so, I walk 30 minutes (or cab it) to class. Do you feel wierd taking cabs to the gym? I do. I get off a block early just so no one can see me, yoga mat in hand, taking the easy way out. Seems un-zen. Or something. Here’s a quote that makes me feel zen.

Or it is motivational I suppose. Just makes me smile.

I’ve been going to yoga every morning and every night I can. And it feels AMAZING. 7 days in. Let’s keep the count going.

Do you have any addictions that pop up occasionally??

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Photo admirer and occassional taker. Healthy baker. Fresh food fanatic. Active and adventurous yet avid couch potato. Continuously intrigued by puzzles and uncovering local treasures. Oh and lover of surprises.
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4 Responses to Thriving

  1. Hahaha yes! I go through smoothie addictions where I’ll drink a smoothie everyday. Then I’ll stop for a few weeks and then I go right back to drinking smoothies again!

    • Jenny says:

      I’m on a 30 day green smoothie kick and feel awesome! But yes I agree – sometimes I just want to chew and get off the wagon for a while :) Probably helps living in somewhere warm for extended periods of time!

  2. Erica says:

    Can I press a like button on this picture??

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